Current Projects

Equine Therapy to increase communication in Children with Autism:

This project grows out of two streams: Dr. Mark Derby, Professor of Special Education at Gonzaga University has worked with a team that has seen outstanding preliminary results in working with young children with autism within a equine therapy environment. Through a partnership with A-Stride Ahead, We were thrilled this fall to see a 3-year old become verbal for the first time in his life.

Rural Solution for Rural Problems: A look at using current resources to support At Risk Students.

The second stream comes from the finding of community members in Mary Walker School District who witnessed the turn-around of adolescents who were failing in school and developed a new sense of self and purpose by working in a farm environment where they were supported to incrementally take on more responsibilities. Our observation was that this environment allowed some students to experience small successes that later led to meaningful futures.

The transition of our farm communities away from the intergenerational connections that for so long provided a safety net for our youth, has presented unique challenges. It is our deeply held belief that within our own rural communities we can find the wisdom and resources that will help to build resiliency in our young people. Based on this belief, we are initiating on-going applications for both federal and foundation grants to support the long-term development of this vision.

If you have a shared vision please contact me for additional information.