Dr. Noel Bormann

CENG 491, 492 Senior Design

CENG 491, 492 Senior Design Project Fall

Check the course web page during the semester for information: http://www.gonzaga.edu/faculty/Bormann/CENG491/CENG491pg1.htm

Course Description:

This is the first of two courses intended to provide an opportunity for students to gain experience in the completion of an engineering design project that addresses realistic problems.

This project is open-ended, in that the project team will be expected to develop a unique design solution, in contrast to typical homework solutions where the "correct" answer is known. The students will work with a liaison engineer (representing the "client") and a faculty advisor in a team environment with other students.

The students on a team will be assigned by the department chairs. This course uses a team concept because of the growing importance of team and group work environments in engineering practice. However, the non-traditional nature of the course will impose responsibilities upon the students that must be accepted to obtain the full benefit of the course.

The student responsibilities include (but are not limited to) : Planning and scheduling individual and team efforts to complete required work by the established deadline, working productively within the team despite inevitable conflict, and working productively within the established framework of the CED to utilize the resources available for the completion of the project.

Course Administration:

The student teams will produce 3 major deliverables in this semester, in addition to other work products required for the completion of the project on schedule. They are: 1) a formal project proposal including a project schedule and budget, 2) a presentation to faculty and the Design Advisory Board and 3) an interim report on the project. These deliverables are addressed in the Project Manual for the course, along with many other details dealing with the project work.

The Project Manual is similar to a text for this course. The grades each student will be assigned by the faculty advisor based upon the quality of the deliverables and the participation of the student in the team efforts.