Courses Taught

Information on Courses Taught.

ITAL 101 and lab-Beginning Italian l-- A course designed to provide students with the fundamentals of Italian. The class stresses grammar through communication and work on written, reading and listening skills.

ITAL 102 ll and lab-Beginning Italian ll-- A continuation of ITAL 101. This class stresses grammar through short stories,presentations and compositions.

ITAL 201 and lab-Intermediate Italian l-- This class introduces more sophisticated grammar (the subjunctive in all its forms) through the use of short stories,newspaper articles, presentations and compositions.

ITAL 202 and lab-Intermediate Italian ll-- A continuation of ITAL 201. This course introduces advanced grammatical structures (If clause, passive form, indirect speech,Gerund etc). The class uses short stories and newspaper articles as a basis for conversation, compositions and presentations.

ITAL 314-Fascism in Film and Literature-- This class examines the impact of fascism on Italian Jews, and other groups that did not conform to fascist ideals, through selected films and novels(Novels in translation).

ITAL 317-Modern Italian Short Story-- Short sories through the works of Verga, Pirandello and several contemporary authors. Group discussions and presentations.

ITAL 318-The Italian Novel-- Study of selected contemporary Italian novels (novels are in translation). Last class included works by Svevo,Deledda,Calvino,Bassani, Carlo Levi.

ITAL 322-The Italian Historical Novel-- The development of the Historical novel through the works in translation by Manzoni,Tomasi di Lampedusa, Eco, Banti,Maraini and Corti.

ITAL 330-Literary Genres-- An introduction to Italian Literature through the works of Dante, Boccaccio, Petrarca, Machiavelli and Ariosto.

ITAL 440(WOMS 426)-Women in Italian Literature-- This class examines the contribution of Italian women novelists through the study and discussion of five contemporary novels by women. Last class included novels in translation by Tamaro,Banti,Maraini,Corti and Ginzburg.