Courses Taught

Present Courses:

Transformational Leadership
Students will be exposed to the concepts of organizational change, health, and transformation. After developing a profile of a healthy organization, students will use this as a guide, practicing methods of organizational diagnosis and intervention. 

Organizational Leadership
Drawing on material from various social science disciplines, this integrated course focuses on research and models of leadership relevant to defining and achieving collective goals in a variety of organizational settings. 

Past Courses:

Integrative Core Course Series – Leadership Formation Program – 1998 - present

Systems Dynamics in Organizations, Gonzaga University, 1995

Research and Statistics, Gonzaga University, 1993-present.

Education Law, Gonzaga University, 1993-present.

Administrative Theory, Gonzaga University, 1992-present.

Curriculum Development, Gonzaga University, 1992-1994.

Education Law, University of Idaho, 1986-1990.

Higher Education and the Law, University of Idaho, 1986.

Policy Analysis, Gonzaga University, 1985-1986.

Education and the Law, Washington State University, 1983-1985.

Labor Relations in Education, Washington State University, 1984.

School Grievance Arbitration, Washington State University, 1984.

Community Relations in Education, Washington State University, 1980-1985.

School Facilities Planning, Washington State University, 1980-1983.

Seminar in School Administration, Washington State University, 1983-1984.

Clinical Supervision, Washington State University, 1980.