Student Research Projects


Fox, A., Bang, N., DeRuyter, M., Ness, C., Higginson, B.  Does cognitive load alter target acquisition and engagement strategies in tactical shooters?

Sherman, P., Wolfram, E., Fiscus, C., Sessler, M., Higginson, B.  Effects of texting on muscle activation while maintaining walking velocity.

Smith, E., Napier, M., Miller, A., Wrolstad, K., Higginson, B.  Electromyographic analysis of the VMO/VL ratio on stable vs unstable surfaces.


Bell, D.G., I.D. Dominguez, A.T. Fijalka, K.L. Woodworth, B.K. Higginson.  Effects of load and incline on muscle activation while walking with a constant load.

Wimer, V.A., A.K. Higgins, S.W. LaVigne, T.E. Cherry, B.K. Higginson.  The quantified measurement of backpack instability using improperly fit straps.

Taisey, C., K. Sander, S. Sander, J. Cary, Z. Hamer, B. Higginson.  Does indirect SMR and static stretching have an effect on range of motion?


Yamamoto, M., M. Silva, N. Mason, T. Brost, C. Lowrimore, R.Chavez, B. Higginson. The efficacy of bracing vs. kinesiotape on functionality in recent injured ankles.

Baker, J., B. Duermit, A. Burke, I. O’Connor, D. Van Wyck, A. Ziemann, B. Higginson.  Thigh muscle activation         in rowers during single and linked dynamic ergometer trials.

Lindecker, P., B. James, E. Townsend, G. Stocker, L. Sullivan, J. Travis, S. Reynolds, B. Higginson.  Effects of external mass on restoring normal gait parameters during underwater treadmill walking.

Nadeau, J.T., J.T. Droessler, M.C. Eastwood, C.L. Whitlock, V.R. Gieser, B.K. Higginson.  Lower extremity kinematics and   muscle activation during ankle and hip gait adaptation.

      Mills, K.L., V.C. Kollar, S.L. Eliason, E.C. Thomas, S.R. Sheahan, B.K. Higginson.  Effect of visual impairment and anterior loads on obstacle clearance.

      Dixon, M., R. Wong, K. Csicsery, A. Popich, D. Klassen, V. Mehndiratta, B Higginson. Effect of aerobic fatigue on joint kinematics and torque production in cyclists.

Misslin, R.A., C.E. Shawcross, M.D. Higgins, M.E. Stanley, N.T. Love, S.B. Fallon, B.K. Higginson.  Lower leg muscle activation in running gait while wearing different footwear.

      Brownlee, A., M. Conway, M. Gosselin, R. Mehndiratta, R. Nelson, C. Patton, B.K. Higginson.  Short-term, fixed load carriage does not affect mediolateral dynamic stability.

      Volcheff, L., B. Ruminski, M. Haas, S. McNurlin, L. Hunter, B.K. Higginson.  EMG analysis of lower extremity muscles for  unloaded squat variants in female runners.

      Biggs, M.A., B.K. Ellis, I.J. Kirven, K.M. Doty, S.S. Schulte, T.E. Sorenson, B.K. Higginson.  Analysis of walking gait between various sockwear.

      Belcoe, A.S., L.M. Brown, P.A. Fredrick, A.D. May, C.M. Monteverde, B.K. Higginson.  Comparison of muscle activation between Shake Weight and dumbbell exercises in females.

Bejar, M., E. Johnson, A. Kluever, K. Payne, N. Roberts, C. Robinson, A. Smith, W. Wenger, B.K. Higginson.  Effect of shod and barefoot running on lower extremity kinematics in trained female runners.

      Lachtman, D., T. Dunnington, S. Suhadolnik, J. Thaanum, J. Thalman, B.K. Higginson.  Analysis of postural sway immediately following high intensity training.

      Bigley, L., E. Carpenter, K. Devereaux, R. Dulay,  A. McHill, B. Schmierer, B.K. Higginson.  The influence of delayed onset muscle soreness on running economy and running kinematics.

Frechette, J., L. Heinemann, L. Matson, B. Neumayer, M. Rook, B.K. Higginson.  The effects of postural sway on shooting accuracy in recreational archers.

      Dreifuerst, C., J. Einerson, M. Fuchs, N. Kane, K. Osborne, K. Pereira, B.K. Higginson.  The effect of body size on economy and gait while carrying a loaded backpack.

      Holste, B., D. Sugai, C. Pontarolo-Maag, L. Manson, P. Bridge, B.K. Higginson.  Effects of upper-limb range of motion on game play performance while playing Nintendo Wii.

      Ault, P., K. Baltrusch, S. Ellsworth, C. McBeth, D. McKenney, K. McNulty, M. Stobie, B.K. Higginson.  The relationship between lower limb kinematics and fatigue during a Wingate test.