I have a variety of research interests which include: dimensional analysis of human energetics; muscle metabolism; comparative exercise physiology, and environmental stress.

In addition to my own research, each year I provide student research opportunities through our laboratory class: HPHY 377L Physiology Research. During this course, students form small research groups which design and perform experiments in physiology.

Below is a picture of Sarah Fallon and Callan Shawcross at the 2012 ACSM Northwest conference in March and taken right after Sarah presented their research on the effect of hypoxia on anaerobic performance. The research was done with fellow students Anna Belcoe,  Alyssa May, and Christina Monteverde. Their research was one of only three out of approximately 50 abstracts that was accepted for an oral presentation at the conference! This research was later published in Research Quarterly for Sport and Exercise.

Sarah and Callan

Below is a picture of Rika Mehndiratta ay her poster presentation at the 2012 ACSM Northwest conference in March. She presented her work, which was done the previous spring with fellow students Nick Love, Spencer Shulty, Ira Kirven, and Brittany Ellis.


Blood Pressure Study

Here's a list of the many past research projects.

Spring 2016

Cordice, DJ; DeRuyter, MW; Smith, EM; Waszak, KJ; and McCann, DJ. Hemodynamic response to blood flow restriction during exercise using thigh blood pressure cuffs.

Napier, M, A. Miller, E. Wolfram, M. Sessler, J.Cary, and D. McCann. Twenty minutes could mean a lifetime: the efficiency of breathing techniques applied to a self contained breathing apparatus

Wrolstad K., Fiscus C., Fox A., Sherman P., and D. McCann. The influence of verbal feedback on grip strength and forearm muscle recruitment

Spring 2014

 Lynde, C,  H. Lebon, K. Caudill, H. Berkoe, S. Reynolds, J. Travis, D. Van Wyck and D.J. McCann. The Effects of Beet Juice on VO2 During Steady State Exercise.

 Lowrimore, C, N. Mason, T. Brost, A.Phillips, K Ward, L. Sullivan, B. Balmelli, and D.J. McCann. Comparison of cold-water immersion and muscle compression on post-exercise muscle recovery.

S. Newman, M. Orr, K. Lane, D. White, R. Jarvie, E. Townsend, K. Hashimoto and D.J. McCann. Immediate effect of laughter on physiological stress responses in college-aged males.

Spring 2013

Wheeler, JL, M.J. Leonetti, C.M. Stahl, C.R. Bishop, K.M. Edinger, P.A. Wamboldt and D.J. McCann. Utilizing Postactivation Potentiation In A Wingate Test

K. Johnston, S. Thompson, K. Doesburg, M. Clark, S. Moore, J. Portillo, T. Leahy, and D.J. McCann. Effects on Neck Posture on Ventilation and Perceived Exertion in Trained Females

Spring 2012

Klassen, D, K Mills, S Eliason, K Csicsery, A Popich and DJ McCann. Untrained female’s performance and physiological response to partnered anaerobic exercise. 2013 ACSM-Northwest Annual Conference - poster presentation.

SR Sheahan, AJ Brownlee, EC Thomas, VC Kollar, and DJ McCann. Effect of Core Temperature Change on the VO2 Response to Submaximal Interval Exercise ACSM-Northwest Annual Conference - poster presentation.

Spring 2011

Fallon SB, AS Belcoe, AD May,CM Monteverde, CE Shawcross, and DJ McCann. Effect of acute hypoxia on Wingate performance of trained females athletes. 2012 ACSM Northwest Annual Conference - oral presentation.

Mehndiratta R, N Love, S Schulte, I Kirven, B Ellis, and DJ McCann. Effects of a carbohydrate beverage on high intensity short duration repeated exercise. 2012 ACSM Northwest Annual Conference - poster presentation.

Spring 2010

Bejar, M., E. Johnson, A. Kluever, K. Payne, N. Roberts, C. Robinson, A. Smith, W. Wenger and DJ McCann. Effect of shod and barefoot conditions on running economy and lower extremity kinematics in trained females.

Carpenter E., A. McHill, B. Schmierer, L. Bigly, K. Devereaux, R. Dulay and DJ McCann. The influence of delayed onset muscle soreness on running economy and running kinematics.

Suhadolnik S., K. McNulty, T. Dunnington, J. Thalman, J. Thaanum, D. Lachtman and DJ McCann. Effects of two-week high-intensity ergometer interval training on VO2max.

Dehmer, K., E. Greiner, B. Hammack, M. Link, R. Martinez, B. Pelton and DJ McCann. Effects of a 5-Hour Energy® drink on resting and sub-maximal exercise metabolism and cognitive performance.

Spring 2009

Janicki, P., J. Frechette, B. Neumayer, M. Tracy and DJ McCannThe Effects of Posture on Accuracy and Precision in Archery

Ault, T., K. Baltrusch, S. Ellsworth, C. McBeth, D. McKenney, M. Stobie and DJ McCann. The Relationship Between Saddle Height And Fatigue During A Wingate Test

Spring 2008

Devine, R., A. Gillman, M. Hartenstein, T. Talboy, D. Fernandez, H. Shoop, K. Koenig, G. Whittaker and DJ McCann. The effects of delayed on set muscle soreness on running economy and VO2max.

Bastien, E., B. Blank, A. Court, A. Murray, J. Platon, J. Zubovic , C. Schofield, M. Black, R. Hershey and DJ McCann. The effects of cycling on subsequent running performance.

Appell R., K. Carnes, C. Haia, S. Haase, E. Smith, K. Smith, J. Walsh and DJ McCann. The effects of music tempo on cycling performance


Spring 2007

Parker, C., M. Morrison, T. Sandefur, T. Manson and DJ McCann. Effects of Lean System 7 on fat utilization during rest and steady state exercise.

Young, R., K. Crawford, M. Dykman, W. Casey and DJ McCann. The acute effects of red bull energy drink on muscular strength and anaerobic power.

Crenshaw, B., S. Collins, J. Norman, S. Scrivens, J. Truaz and DJ McCann. Effect of sodium citrate on anaerobic performance in untrained college students.

Bowers, C., A. Hause, J. Mckenzie, A. McGuiness and DJ McCann. Max anaerobic power test can be used to predict VO2max.

Lemieux, D., G. Lundberg, A. O’ Neil, D. Smith and DJ McCann. Effects of music on short-term anaerobic power.


Fall 2005

Campbell, B., L. Mall, J. Martin, K. Sanchez, and S. Workland. Dynamic muscular endurance tests: standard vs. modified push-ups.

Gehlsen, J., J. Miller, D. Off, R. Podegracz, and C. Ricci. Effect of hyperhydration on heart rate and peak VO2.

Buck, E., S. Chatman, L. Greer, J. Messerschmidt, J. Neil, and A. Whale. Acute effects of caffeine on peak power during a 60 s Wingate test.


Fall 2004

Campbell, L., C. Carlsen, M. Sullivan, and M. Wamre. Effect of pre-exercise carbohydrate supplementation on metabolism.

Dorn, J., L. Guthrie, K. Meier, P. Ryan, and Amber Sutter. Effects of pre-exercise static stretching on power output during the Wingate test.

Sears, S.P., J.J. Johnson, J.M. Jewell, L. Lorenzano, and J.P. Israel. Effects of creatine monohydrate on anaerobic power maintenance in Wingate performance in men.

Ovitt, A., J. Vincent, and J. Williams. Effects of positive and negative feedback on exercise test performance in untrained females.


Fall 2003

Howlett, K.I., T.L. Keniston, A.L. Grassl, A.R. Olsson, C.T. Eidem. An initial assessment of the metabolic costs of using the Quadmill.T