NSF-TUES grant, 2013.  Phage Discovery Goes Viral: Engaging All Biology Students in Research.  $129,675.  Co-PI with KR Anders and M Poxleitner.  2013-2015.

HHMI Collaborative Pilot grant.  2013.  The Phage Model Goes Viral:  Developing Other Models for Course-based Research Experiences (CREs).  C Mader, Hope College; L Williams, Tuskegee University; S White, North Carolina Central University; V Delesalle, Gettysburg College; BS Hennington, Tougaloo College; R Merritt, Smith College.  $50,000.

Murdock Partners in Science. 2011-2012.  Variation in pheromone genes in plethodontid salamanders.  $15,000.  With Kari Sikel, Colton High School, Oregon.

NSF ROA with LD Houck, Oregon State University.  2010-2011.  $15,740.

Hollister-Stier.  2010.  Research partnerships to enhance recruitment of URM in the sciences.  $750.  (for summer Wellpinit-Gonzaga partnership program)

Avista.  2010.  Science Research Experiences for Wellpinit High School Students.  $1,500.

Civic Engagement Grant.  Mindful mentoring of the next generation of scientists.  Gonzaga University.  2010.  $700.

Society for the Study of Evolution.  2009.  Funds to celebrate Darwin's 200th birthday with evolution based outreach exercises with elementary schools.  $300.

College of Arts and Sciences Donor Funds.  Science in Action! Interns. 9/2008.  $1,028.

Civic Engagement Grant from Academic Vice President's Office.  Internships for Science in Action!:  A collaborative effort between the School of Education, the Department of Biology, College of Arts and Sciences, and the Spokane Public Schools.  Awarded June 2008.  $700.

College of Arts and Sciences Donor Funds.  Science in Action! Interns.  1/2008.  $2.028.

Promoting inquiry-based science in Spokane Public Schools.  $800.  Rotary Club 21.  2008.

Institute of Systems Medicine.  K-12 science outreach in the Spokane community.  Sabbatical support to write science education outreach proposal.  $9,000.  2007.

Gonzaga University grant for Faculty Development to Enhance Civic Engagement between Gonzaga faculty, students, and the community.  Tackling scientific illiteracy one teacher at a time:  Preparing pre-service teachers to teach science effectively and with confidence while helping K-8 students in our community.  2007-2008.  $700.

Promoting inquiry-based science at Roosevelt Elementary School.  Rotary Club 21.  October 2006.  $500.

Murdock Charitable Trust, "Start-up package for new position in Biology."  $61,000.  2005.

Research Opportunity Award, NSF.  Summer 2005.  In collaboration with Drs. Houck and Arnold at OSU, Corvallis.  "Collaborative Research:  The evolution of pheromone signals and their role in behavioral isolation."  $17,972.

Murdock Charitable Trust, "Structure, function, and phylogenetic distribution of the modified granular gland in the salamander family Plethodontidae". $35,000. 5/2003-8/2005.

NSF CCLI (with co-PI Peter G. Pauw):  Focusing on student stewardship of laboratory learning:  Implementing inquiry-based imaging investigations across the curriculum.  $199,910.  5/2001-2005.

NSF grant supplement:  Tyrone Hayes and Nancy Staub.  The role of steriod receptors and aromatase in ontogenetic color change in the Hyperoliidae.  $27,376.  9/1998-7/1999.

NSF Research at Undergraduate Institutions Award:  "Hormonal and morphological variation in salamanders."  August 1995-July 2000. $139,043.

NSF Research Experiences for Undergraduates supplement:  $4,117.  "Hormonal and morphological variation in salamanders."  Summer 1996.

NSF Research Planning Grant.  "Investigation of the androgenic basis for male-like females in the salamander genus Aneides.  9/1993 - 1/1995.  $21,867.

Murdock College Science Research Program.  Summer salary stipend for summer 1993, 1995.  Stipends for students/supplies.  1993-2000, 2004-2007.

Sigma XI-AMNH.  $500.  1985.

Patent Fund Museum of Vertebrate Zoology, UC Berkeley.  $1,000.  1986.