Dr. Michael W. Tkacz

Society for Thomistic Natural Philosophy

The Society for Thomistic Natural Philosophy is a working group of scholars dedicated to the promotion of research and scholarly communication in the discipline of natural philosophy.  Working within the tradition originating with Albertus Magnus and Thomas Aquinas and continuing with the contributions of modern Neo-Thomists, the Society provides support for both historical studies and contemporary development of natural philosophy.

Programs of the Society include the sponsorship of scholarly conferences and other forms of scholarly communication.  Each year, the Society sponsors a conference in conjunction with the annual meeting of the American Catholic Philosophical Association.  Occasional conference sessions are also held in cooperation with the Jacques Maritain Center of the University of Notre Dame, the International Congress on Medieval Studies at Western Michigan University, and other institutions.  The Society and its programs are administered by a Program Advisory Council.

Program Advisory Council 2015-2017

Steven E. Baldner, St. Francis Xavier University
Marie I. George, St. John's University
John Hittinger, Center for Thomistic Studies, University of St. Thomas
Thomas McLaughlin, St. John Vianney Theological Seminary
Michael W. Tkacz, Gonzaga University