Current Research

I have two different areas that I research. One area is in couple relationships. My first research project was a qualitative study on healthy couple relationships and the relationship process that describes their experience. The results and peoples' response has been fascinating and I’ve developed a model from my research that I now teach at workshops and presentations. I plan to continue to study different aspects of this model to better understand healthy couple relationships. Also in the area of couple relationships, I am one of only a few counselors in the Spokane area who work with Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT).

My second area of research is in supervision. I’m currently part of two research projects studying live supervision. One project is a national survey of CACREP programs and their use of the different live supervision formats. My research team has just finished collecting our data and now we working on an article. From this I hope to do future training in live supervision and have already done several projects. My second study is a comparison of the effectiveness of live supervision compared with traditional post-session supervision. We will be collecting data for another 6 months to a year. We are looking at universities across the country that use either bug-in-the-ear supervision or live observation with feedback given after the session. Both of these projects speak to my interest in live supervision and how to encourage counselor educators and professional counselors to use it more in their practice. In addition, I’m just finishing an article on long distance live supervision and how we can tap into the benefits of live supervision using video conferencing.