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Personal Statement
I consider nursing to be my ministry and I felt its calling early in life. Nursing is the perfect blend of compassion and humanism with science and technology—truly the most holistic of professions. Nursing has offered me many practice opportunities including direct patient care in critical care and outpatient cardiac rehabilitation, management, hospital-based education, consulting with healthcare organizations, and now, academia—my true love! I have found each role to be personally enriching and professionally satisfying.

I view nursing as humankind’s healthcare lifeline. Being ill is the most vulnerable any of us will ever be. Nursing is the human link that provides people with an anchor, someone who views the experience in its entirety and never looses sight of the person. Because of this holistic perspective, nursing is well suited for its major role in health promotion and disease prevention. Nursing has a long history of meeting the needs of all people and our future looks even brighter as we prepare ourselves to practice to our fullest potential.