2018 Collection Information

Please join us on Friday, December 7th, in the Magnuson Theatre Lobby at noon.

The blankets will be laid out around the room and we'll spend time mingling and enjoying them and each other.  After the blankets receive a blessing from our guest, Fr. Stephen Hess, we will enjoy a pizza and salad lunch.  The My Bag Coordinator, Debi Shumway, will be on hand to answer any questions we have about the program.  After we are done eating, we'll box all the blankets up and Debi will load them into her van and take them away on the next leg of their journey to a child in need.

You can either bring the blankets with you on the 7th, or you can bring them to me in the basement of Foley Library, ITS, or I would also be happy to pick them up.  If possible, it would be great to get them before the actual day of the lunch, so I can get them displayed properly, but if that doesn't work, that's okay too.

Let me know if you have any questions!!

Laurie Hanlon