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Gabriella Brooke is Professor of Italian and Director of the Italian Studies program. Her main areas of interest are Italian women writers,the Italian historical novel and literary translation.

Professor Brooke is the author of The Words of Bernfrieda, an historical novel set in Southern Italy at the time of the Norman conquest,published by Eastern Washington University Press in 1999 and reprinted in 2002 by Malgari Press. She is co-editor, with Dr.Maria Marotti, of Gendering Italian Fiction: Feminist Revisions of Italian History, published by Associated University Presses in 1999. A collection of essays by Italianist scholars, this book explores the historical novel written by Italian women. Professor Brooke has translated her novel into Italian under the titleLe parole di Bernfrieda. This translation was published in Italy by Sellerio Editore in April 2001.

During the past three years, the courses offered by Professor Brooke have included first and second year language classes, a course on The Italian Short Story; The Italian Historical Novel;Italian Women Writers and Fascism in Film and literature.