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I'm an entomologist and ecologist in the Biology Department at Gonzaga University.
In recent semesters, I've taught Entomology, Animal Behavior, Ecology, Case Studies in Environmental Science, Population Ecology, and Sustainable Yield Problems (an Advanced Topics course).
Summer 2010Summer 2011
My research focuses on the factors that influence the effectiveness of biological control insects. If you'd like to see a list of my publications, with a few available as pdfs, visit my Mendeley profile; a similar list is on my Google Scholar profile.
Summer 2012Summer 2013
Since 2009, my students and I have been studying a weevil that was imported into the U.S. to help control a weed called Dalmatian toadflax. A poster that my students and I presented at a recent meeting is at <>. We work at several field sites in Spokane County, Washington; some of our favorites are part of Spokane County's Conservation Futures program.