Dr. Paul A. DePalma

Computer Science


Professional Interests:  Automatic speech recognition, genetic algorithms, social impact of computing 
Position: Professor
Phone: 509-313-3908
Office: Herak 230
Email: depalma@gonzaga.edu

St. Louis University English, A.B.
University of California at Berkeley    English, M.A.
Temple University   Computer Science,   M.S.
University of New Mexico  (Computational) Linguistics 2010, Ph.D.

Biographical Description: Paul De Palma discovered computers while contemplating a life of underemployment as a graduate student in English. Noting the odd similarity between 17th century English poetry and a perfect program, he retrained and spent a decade in the computer industry, including a stint at Sperry Univac, the company founded by the inventors of ENIAC, the first fully electronic, general purpose digital computer. He joined the Gonzaga faculty in 1990. His professional interests include speech processing, genetic algorithms, and the social impact of computing. Dr. De Palma is a member of Phi Beta Kappa and Alpha Sigma Nu, the Jesuit Honor Society. He was a Woodrow Wilson Fellow at Berkeley and University Fellow at Temple. He did his dissertation on automatic speech recognition at the University of New Mexico under George Luger.