Courses Taught

BIO 201 Cellular Biology 3 credits An examination of cell structure and function with an emphasis on cellular biochemistry. Three lectures each week. Prerequisite: BIO 102 and CHM 230 or permission. Fall.

BIO 202 Genetics and Evolution 3 credits A study of the mechanisms of heredity and evolution. Topics will include Mendelian inheritance, population genetics, the molecular and biochemical aspects of gene regulation, and current issues in evolutionary biology. Three lectures each week. Prerequisite: BIO 201 or permission. Spring.

BIO 456 and 456L Molecular Biology 4 credits This course provides essential background and methodology for understanding the application of recombinant DNA technology as applied in biological research and biotechnology. The construction, manipulation and analysis of recombinant DNA molecules is the focus of the laboratory section. Prerequisite: BIO 202. Alternate years.

BIO 460 and 460L Plant Physiology 4 credits Plant structure, function, physiology and biochemistry are explored. Emphasis is placed on physiological phenomena such as fluid transport processes, the regulation of plant growth, and photosynthesis. Aspects of plant molecular biology and genetic engineering of crop plants are also investigated. Prerequisite: BIO 202.