Dr. Michelle Ghrist


Current areas of research and scholarly interest

Numerical analysis of differential equations (finite difference and multistep methods)
- Mathematical modeling: mathematical biology, wave equations, imaging, fluid flow, solitons
- Humanistic mathematics (connecting mathematics and the humanities)
- Scholarship of teaching and learning: alternative assessments, curricular issues, placement, incorporating and designing technological tools

Peer-reviewed Scholarly Publications

The IRS Uses Geometric Series? 
Michelle Ghrist
MAA FOCUS 39(4) (2019), 14-15.

Stability Ordinates of Adams Predictor-Corrector Methods
M. L. Ghrist, J. A. Reeger, and B. Fornberg
BIT Numerical Mathematics, 55(3), 2015, 733-750.  DOI: 10.1007/s10543-014-0528-7

Individual Oral Exams in Upper-Level Mathematics Courses: Ten Years of Experience at the Air Force Academy
Ralph Boedigheimer, Michelle Ghrist, Dale Peterson, and Benjamin Kallemyn
PRIMUS, 25(2), 2015, 99-120.

Teaching Function Approximation via Structured Discovery and the ApproxTool Applet
Michelle L. Ghrist and James S. Rolf
Electronic Journal of Mathematics and Technology, 7(5), 2013.

Be Careful What You Assign: Constant Speed Parametrizations
Michelle Ghrist and Eric Lane
Mathematics Magazine, 86(1), 2013, 3-14.

Two Results Concerning the Stability of Staggered Multistep Methods
Michelle Ghrist and Bengt Fornberg
SIAM Journal of Numerical Analysis, 50(4), 2012, 1849-1860.

What's the Point?  The Benefits of Grading without Points
Mike Brilleslyper, Michelle Ghrist, Trae Holcomb, Beth Schaubroeck, Bradley Warner, and Scott Williams
PRIMUS, 22(5), 2012, 411-427.

Evolution of Solitary Saves in a Two-pycnocline System
Monika Nitsche, Patrick Weidman, Roger Grimshaw, Michelle Ghrist, and Bengt Fornberg
Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 642, 2010, 235-277.

Homework: Easing the Grading Burden While Retaining the Advantages
Michelle Ghrist
Mathematica Militaris, 17, 2009, 10-13.

Recreational Research?
Michelle Ghrist
Mathematica Militaris, 14, 2004, 11-14.

Staggered Time Integrators for Wave Equations
M. Ghrist, T.A. Driscoll, and B. Fornberg
SIAM Journal of Numerical Analysis, 38(3), 2000, 718-741.

Spatial Finite Difference Approximations for Wave-type Equations
B. Fornberg and M. Ghrist
SIAM Journal of Numerical Analysis, 37(1), 1999, 105-130.

Spectroscopic Studies of the Physical Properties of Hyaluronate Films: The Origin of the Phase Transition
S.A. Lee, M. VanSteenberg*, and A. Rupprecht.
Carbohydrate Polymers, 28, 1994, 61-67.

Electronic and Optical-properties of Wet-spun Films of Li-hyaluronate and Na-hyaluronate
S.A. Lee, M.L. VanSteenberg*, N. LaValle, A. Rupprecht, and Z. Song.
Biopolymers, 34, 1994, 1543-1552.

Optical-properties of CsDNA Films as a Function of Hydration
PJ. Adams, M.L. VanSteenberg*, S.A. Lee, and A. Rupprecht.
Journal of Biomolecular Structure & Dynamics, 11, 1994, 1277-1286.

* Maiden name