Interviews and presentations

Various print and recorded interviews and presentations: 
  • 2016 February, "Deep Sustainability and Curriculum: Reflections on Laudato Si and Jesuit Educational Mission," American Jesuit Colleges and University Honors Program Conference, (duration 1:11:51)
  • 2015 Interview with Bailey Fischer-Columbo as part of the NASA Astrobiology Debates. (duration 0:28:05)

  • 2015 May, "Rethinking Life on Earth & Beyond: Astrobiology and the Role of Paradigm Shifts in Science & Human Self-Understanding," Blumberg Dialogues, Kluge Center. Sponsored by the Library of Congress and NASA. (duration 1:42:01). (I'm introduced at 54:46 and my 5 minutes of comments start at 1:04:40. I'm actively involved in most of the Q&A, which goes roughly from 1:19:00-1:42:00.)

  • 2013 January, Interview with Jessica Robinson, “Gonzaga University Pledges Zero Emissions As ‘Moral Imperative,’” Northwest Public Radio. (duration 0:1:06)

  • 2012 September, Print interview with Joe O’Sullivan, “Scorched Earth: How Climate Change Could Upend the Inland Northwest,” The Inlander.  Also featured in Boise Weekly, September 19, 2012.