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kevin_oconnor200Dr. O'Connor arrived in Spokane to teach at Gonzaga University in the summer of 2004, following stints at Spalding University (Louisville, KY) and Southern Illinois University (Carbondale). A specialist in Russian history, Dr. O’Connor has recently published Intellectuals and Apparatchiks: Russian Nationalism and the Gorbachev Revolution (Lexington Books, 2006). His scholarly interests also extend to the Baltic countries (Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania), about which he has published two books: The History of the Baltic States (Greenwood, 2003) and Culture and Customs of the Baltic States (Greenwood, 2006). Dr. O’Connor’s personal interests include international travel, Sasquatch sightings, full-contact wiffleball, catapults, and Falkland War reenactments.