Courses Taught

Classes taught through May 2000:

CHEM 100:  Concepts in Chemistry
CHEM 101/102 and 105/106:  General Chemistry
CHEM 123/ENVS 104 and CHEM 123L/ENVS 104L:  Environmental Chemistry
CHEM 150/150L:  Science in the Media
CHEM 180:  Art and Chemistry (Florence campus)
BIOL 222:  Inquiries in Science (with Peter Pauw and Deborah Nieding)
CHEM 206/206L:  Inorganic Chemistry
CHEM 220:  Survey of Organic Chemistry
CHEM 230/230L:  Organic Chemistry I
CHEM 310/310L:  Quantitative Analysis
CHEM 321:  Physical Chemistry II
CHEM 340/341:  Unified Laboratory I and II
CHEM 350:  Computers in Chemistry
CHEM 406:  Advanced Inorganic Chemistry
CHEM 410:  Advanced Quantitative Analysis
CHEM 471:  Chemical Bibliography
CHEM 488:  Senior Literature Review
CHEM 490:  Green Chemistry
CHEM 498:  Thesis