Professional Development

a. Teaching Positions

Associate Professor, History Department, Gonzaga University (Spokane, WA),
    2009 – present; Assistant Professor, History Department, Gonzaga University,
    2002 -- 2007; Chair, Classical Civilizations Department, 2007 – present.  

Teacher, High School and Middle School levels, The Einstein Academy Charter
    School (Morrisville, PA), 2001-02.

Teaching Fellow, Intercollegiate Center for Classical Studies in Rome         
        (administered by Duke University), 1999 – 2000.

Visiting Instructor, Departments of History and the History of Art and Archaeology
    Bilkent University (Ankara, Turkey), 1996-97.

Teaching Fellow, Department of Classics University of North Carolina - Chapel
    Hill (Chapel Hill, NC), 1993-95, 1998.

Instructor, Departments of Classics and History, The Brooks School (North
    Andover, MA), 1989-91.

b. Field Research Positions

Field Director, Sinop Archaeological Research Project (Turkey), 2014 – present
Project director: Owen Doonan (California State University – Northridge) 

Ceramic Analyst, Pessinus Excavations (Turkey), 2013
Project director: Gocha Tsetskhladze (University of Melbourne

Gemstone Analyst, Sardis Excavations (Turkey), 2013
Project director: Nicholas Cahill (University of Wisconsin-Madison)

Ceramic Analyst, Rantidi Forest Survey, Paleopaphos (Cyprus), 2009–10
Project director: Georgia B. Bazemore (Eastern Washington University)

Research Staff, Gordion Excavations (Turkey), 1998, 2000-01, 2003, 2009–11
Project directors: G. Kenneth Sams (University of North Carolina – Chapel
      Hill) and Mary M. Voigt (College of William and Mary)

Field Director, Roman Excavations at Gordion (Turkey), 2004–06
Project directors: G. K. Sams and Mary M. Voigt 

Ceramic Consultant, Çatal Höyük Excavations (Turkey), 2006, 2010
Project director: Arkadiusz Marciniak (Adam Mickiewicz University)

Research Associate, Mediterranean Section, University of Pennsylvania Museum
     of Anthropology and Archaeology, 2001–02

Field Director, Oinoanda Rescue Excavation (Turkey), 1997
Project director: Martin Smith (British Institute of Archaeology)

Trench Supervisor, Gordion Excavation Team (Turkey), 1993–94, 1997
Project directors: G. K. Sams and Mary M. Voigt

Field Surveyor, Gordion Regional Survey (Turkey), 1992, 1995–96, 2001.
Project directors: Mary M. Voigt (College of William and Mary) and Lisa K.
     Kealhofer (Santa Clara University)

Field Surveyor/Ceramic Analyst, Kerkenes Dag Field Project (Turkey), 1997, 2000.
Project director: Geoffrey Summers (Middle East Technical University)

Ceramic Analyst, Princeton Tahilar/Sykeon Survey Project (Turkey), 1997–98.
Project director: Peter Brown (Princeton University)

Field Surveyor, Wesleyan/Maryland Field Survey (Sardinia), 1987–88, 1990.
Project director: Stephen Dyson (Wesleyan University)


a. Research and Academic Grants

National Endowment for the Humanities, Collaborative Grant ($275,000), for new 
     excavations at Sinop (Turkey), 2015-17.  With Prof. Owen Doonan, CSU-
     Northridge, and Assoc. Prof. Alex Bauer, Queens College, CUNY.
Humanities Washington Grant ($5500), to sponsor Gonzaga’s Greek Week festival
ARIT Summer Research Grant, for fieldwork at Gordion Excavations (2009).
Gonzaga Research Council Grant, for publication of archaeological research       
Loeb Classical Library Foundation Grants (Harvard University), $68,000 (2004-06),
   to conduct excavations in and research concerning the Roman Town at
   Gordion (Turkey).
William S. Paley Foundation Grant ($1000 per year) for the Archaeology and
   Ancient History Lecture Series (AAHLS) at Gonzaga University (2005-07).
ARIT Research Grant, for fieldwork at Gordion Excavations (2003)
1984 Foundation Research Grant, for fieldwork at Gordion Excavations (1998)
ARIT-USIA Research Grant (Ankara, Turkey, June-Nov. 1997)
AIA Student Travel Grant to 99th Annual Meeting of the AIA, Chicago (1997)

b. Fellowships and Honors

The Alphonse A. and Geraldine F. Arnold Distinguished Professorship, Gonzaga
     University College of Arts and Sciences (2015-18)
Faculty Fellow and Recipient of the Compass Award (2014), Gonzaga University                
     Career Center and Gonzaga Alumni Mentoring Program (GAMP).  Honored for 
     student advocacy, the development and practice of relevant career skills, and 
     the promotion of academic advising and internships.
Chosen as the Kershaw Lecturer of the 2014–15 AIA National Lecturer program;              
     as the M. Mellink Lecturer and R. Braidwood Lecturer in 2012–13; and the
     Rodney S. Young Lecturer and Harald Ingholt Lecturer in 2008–09.
Gonzaga University Exemplary Teaching Award (2008)
Phi Alpha Theta, National History Honors Society (2006)
Rodney S. Young Postdoctoral Research Fellowship, Mediterranean Section of the
Univ. of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology (2000-01)
Royster Society of Fellows Dissertation Fellowship (U.N.C.-Chapel Hill, 1998-99)   
Fulbright Fellowship, American Research Institute in Turkey (Ankara, 1995-96)
Morehead Graduate Fellowship (U.N.C.-Chapel Hill, 1991-93)
Ford Foundation Post-Baccalaureate Fellowship (Wesleyan University, 1988-89)
University Honors (Wesleyan University, 1988)
The Ingraham Classics Prize (Wesleyan University, 1988)


“Roman Fineware Production and Circulation in Central Turkey.”  44th Annual
     Meeting of the Classical Association of the Pacific Northwest (CAPN), Reed            
     College, Portland OR (Mar. 2015).

“Meaning and Interpretation among a New Corpus of Late Roman Octagonal        
     Intaglios.” 115th Archaeological Institute of America (AIA) Annual Meeting (New        
     Orleans, Jan. 2015).

“Rome vs. Carthage: Underwater Archaeology and the Battle of the Aegates Islands.”         
     Spring Lecture Series, Spokane Society of the Archaeological Institute of America        
     (AIA)(April 2014), and lecturer (invited), Dept. of Classics, Reed College (Portland, 
     OR; Mar. 2014).

“Preliminary Observations on the Military Equipment from the Battle of the Aegates            
     Islands.”  114th AIA Annual Meeting (Chicago, Jan. 2014), as part of colloquium            
     on “The Battle of the Aegates Islands (241 BC).”

“New Evidence for Non-Elite Burials in Central Turkey”.  Invited to present at the
     4th Thanatos Project Workshop at the University of Oslo, Norway (Oct. 7–11,
     2013).  Project Director: Dr. Rasmus Brandt (University of Oslo, Norway). 

“Where Lies Vindia?  A Final Report on the Roman Excavations at Gordion.”            
     42nd Annual Meeting of CAPN, Eugene OR (Mar. 2013).

“What can we learn about Herodotus?” The 13th lecture of the “What can we learn?”
     series sponsored by the Philosophy Dept., Gonzaga University (March 2011).

 “The Case of the Octagonal Intaglios: A Possible New Workshop in Central Anatolia”. 
     112th Archaeological Institute of America (AIA) Annual Meeting (San Antonio, Jan. 2011);
     the 40th annual meeting of the Classical Association of the Pacific Northwest (CAPN),
     Spokane WA (March 2011); Northwest Regional Meeting of the American School of
     Oriental Research (ASOR), Spokane WA (May 2011).

“Who DOES the shoe fit? The Roman Hobnail Burials at Gordion (Turkey).” Annual
     Meeting of the Association of Ancient Historians, Vancouver CA (May 2009).

“In Search of King Midas: New Discoveries and Reinterpretations at Gordion”.  Year
     of Turkey Lecture Series, Kennesaw State University (Sept. 2008).

“Ancient Gordion: From Phrygian Capital to Roman Fort”. Special Guest Lecture,
     Honors Program of Eastern Washington University (Nov. 2007).

“Rediscovering a Lost Military Post at Gordion (Turkey)”. Vancouver Society of the
     AIA (Oct. 2007).

“Truly a ‘Provincia Inermis’? New Evidence for Roman Soldiers in Galatia (Turkey).”
     Annual Meeting of the Classical Association of the Canadian West (CACW) and    
     the 36th annual meeting of CAPN, “Regionalism and Globalism”, Vancouver (March 2007).

“Reassessing Galatia’s Annexation and Development in Light of New Roman Finds
     at Gordion (Turkey).” 108th AIA Annual Meeting (San Diego, Jan. 2007).

“New Evidence for Roman Soldiers at Gordion (Turkey).”  18th Annual Lecture Series
     of the Calgary Society for Mediterranean Studies.  Calgary (Nov. 2006)

“Assessing Roman Galatia: Small Province, Big Problems.”  Faculty and Graduate
     Lecture, Department of Greek & Roman Studies, University of Calgary (Nov. 2006)

“A Roman Fort at Gordion: Re-evaluating the Imperial Expansion in Galatia (Turkey).”
      NW Regional Meeting of ASOR, Spokane WA (May 2006).

“The 2004-05 Excavations in the Roman Town at Gordion (Turkey).” 107th AIA
     Annual Meeting (Montreal, Jan. 2006).

“Discovering a Roman Military Post: The 2004-05 Excavations in the Roman Town at
     Gordion (Turkey).”  Presented at Gonzaga University as part of the Archaeology and
     Ancient History Lecture Series (Nov. 2005).

“New Excavations in the Roman Town at Gordion (Turkey).”  Presented at Tulane
     University (Oct. 2004).

“Rediscovering Roman Gordion.”  Presented at the “Gordion in Minneapolis”
     Symposium, University of Minnesota (May 2004).

“In Search of King Midas: New Discoveries at Gordion, Turkey.”  Spring Lecture
     Series, Portland Society of the AIA (Jan. 2004), and Spring Lecture Series,
     Spokane Society of the AIA (April 2004).

“Deciphering Roman Gordion: Problems in Reconstructing Roman Town Life in Central
     Turkey.” Annual Meeting of CAPN/CACW (“Texts and Material Culture”), University
     of Calgary (March 2003).

“Starting from Zero: Reconstructing the Roman Town at Gordion (Turkey).”  Spring
     Lecture Series, SUNY Buffalo Department of Classics, and Tulane University Paley
     Lecture Series (both in April 2002).

“Mortuary Evidence for a Possible Late Sarmatian Presence at Gordion, Turkey.”  
     103rd AIA Annual Meeting (Philadelphia, 2002).

 “Sarmatians Abroad?  Mortuary Evidence for a Late Sarmatian Presence at Gordion
     (Anatolia).”  University of Pennsylvania International Conference on “Contact and
     Exchange in the Ancient World” (May 2001).

“Textual and Archaeological Evidence for the Rural Economy of Central Anatolia in
     the 1st century AD.”  66th Annual Meeting of the Society of American Archaeologists
     (SAA) (New Orleans, 2001).

“In Search of King Midas: The Excavations at Gordion, Turkey.”  Rochester (NY)
      Society of the AIA, and Tulane University Paley Lecture Series (April 2001).

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     Galatia.” Annual Meeting of the Association of Ancient Historians (AAH) (Champagne-Urbana,

“Survey and Excavation at Oinoanda, Turkey.”   Joint public lecture with Prof. Diskin
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“They Died With Their Boots On: The Roman Hobnail Burials at Gordion, Turkey.”
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