Professional Experience


Vergilian Society (VS), 2013 to present.
Classical Association of the Pacific Northwest (CAPN), 2002 to present.
British Institute of Archaeology in Ankara (BIAA), 1997, 2002 to present.
Association of Ancient Historians (AAH), 1996, 2005 to present.
Friends of the American Research Institute in Turkey (FARIT), 1995 to present.
Archaeological Institute of America (AIA), 1988 to present.


a. Service with National and Regional Institutions

Traveling Lecturer, AIA National Lecture Series, 2014/15 (Austin TX; Charleston 
    SC); 2013/14 (San Diego, Portland OR, Buffalo); 2012/13 (San Diego, Central                  
    Indiana); 2011/12 (Eugene OR, Seattle, Santa Barbara), 2010/11 (Milwaukee, St.                 
    Louis, Richmond, Minneapolis), 2009/10 (Rochester, St. Louis), and 2008/09                                
    (Williamsburg; Lynchburg; Bozeman; Ottawa; Chicago).

Secretary-Treasurer (2008 – 2014), Vice President (2009-10), and President
   (2010-11), Classical Association of the Pacific Northwest (CAPN).

Member, American School of Classical Studies in Athens (ASCSA) Managing  
    Committee, 2010 – present.

Delegate-at-Large, Board of Institutional Delegates, American Research Institute in                          
    Turkey (ARIT), 2011 – present; member of ARIT fellowships committee, 2015.

Member, Jane C. Waldbaum Field School Scholarship Subcommittee of the AIA,                              
     2014 – present.

Member, AIA Wiseman Book Award Committee, 2010 – 2013.

Member, AIA National Fellowships Committee, 2007 – 2010.

President (2006 – 2012), Vice President (2012 to present), and Board Member
   (2004 – 2006) of the Spokane Society of Archaeological Institute of America (AIA).

Delegate, Annual AIA Council Meetings, 2006-09, 2011-13.
Newsletter Editor, American Research Institute in Turkey (ARIT), 2001 – present.

b. Service at Gonzaga University

    Chair, Classical Civilizations Department, 2007 – present.

    Member, Executive Committee, College of Arts & Sciences, 2007 – present.

    Member, Faculty Award Committee, 2010-11.

    Member, Honors Program Review Committee, 2008 – present.

    Member, Research Programs/Grant Committee, 2008-09, 2013-14.

    Member, Foreign Language Requirement Committee, 2007-08.

    Member, Academic Honesty Committee, 2005 – present.
    Member, Admissions Committee, 2005 – present.

    Member, Academic Program Review Subcommittee, 2004 – 2007.

    Member, Fulbright Interview Committee, 2004 – present.

    Advisor, Phi Alpha Theta (ΦΑΘ) National History Honors Society (Xi Gamma chapter), 2003 – 2008.

    Advisor, Gonzaga History Club, 2003 – 2006.


Project Advisor, “The Thanatos Project”, Hierapolis/Pammukkale excavations,                               
     directed by Dr. Rasmus Brandt and supported by a grant (2010–13) from the
     Norwegian government; attendee and presenter at the 1st and 4th Thanatos
     Workshops (Rome 2010 and Oslo 2013, respectively).

Director/Organizer, Gonzaga-in-Turkey Study Abroad program, a 1-month field
     program of academic study in western and central Turkey, with coursework in
     ancient empires, early Christianity and digital narrative (July 3 – Aug. 1, 2012).

 Radio Interviewee, on Spokane’s NPR local radio show, “Just a Theory”, hosted by
     Dr. Tony Flynn, on Roman excavations in Turkey (aired July 10, 2011).

Conference Organizer, 40th Annual Meeting of the Classical Association of the
     Pacific NW, hosted by Gonzaga University (March 11-12, 2011).

Exhibit Organizer, “Collegiam Gonzagaeum: Celebrating the Classics at Gonzaga”,
     a student-faculty show about classical studies featuring materials from the               
     University Archives, the Rare Book collection and the Jundt Art Museum (Rare         
     Book Room, Foley Library, Gonzaga University, March 1 to May 31, 2011).

Workshop Panelist, “Pottery Production and Terminology; Hellenistic and Roman
     Periods”, 112th AIA Annual Meetings (San Antonio, 2011).

Project Advisor, “The Thanatos Project”, directed by Dr. Rasmus Brandt and
     supported by a grant (2010-13) from the Norwegian government; attendee at       
     the 1st Thanatos Workshop, Norwegian Institute in Rome (Dec. 8-11, 2010) and
     presenter, “The Roman Burials of the Common Cemetery at Gordion”.

Tour Leader, Vergilian Society of America, “Alexander the Great from Troy to
     Gordion/Issus”, a 17-day tour designed to follow the land route of Alexander III
     through Turkey (July 3-19, 2010).

Program Coordinator/Developer, 2010 Greek Week festival/lecture series
     supported by a grant from Humanities Washington (Gonzaga University, March
     22-28, 2010).

Conference Organizer, 2008 Phi Alpha Theta History Honors Society Northwest
    regional conference (hosted by Gonzaga University, April 10-12, 2007).

Workshop Panelist, “Order and Conflict: The Agency Role of Empires in the Levant
   and Mediterranean”, 109th AIA Annual Meetings (Chicago, 2008).

Colloquium Co-organizer, “Hellenistic and Roman Gordion”, 108th AIA Annual
   Meetings (San Diego, 2007)

Session Chair: “Aphrodisias”, 108th AIA Annual Meetings (San Diego, 2007);
   “Archaeology of the Ancient Near East”, Pacific NW Regional American
    Academy of Religion (AAR)/Society of Biblical Literature (SBL) and American
    Society of Oriental Research (ASOR) Annual Meeting (Spokane, 2006);
   “Recent Research in Anatolia”, 104th AIA Annual Meetings (New Orleans, 2003).

Textbook Reviewer:  A History of Western Society. Vol. 1: From Antiquity to the
   Enlightenment by J. P. McKay et al. (9th Edition; for Houghton/Mifflin); The
   Humanities: Culture, Change and Continuity by H. M. Sayre (1st Edition, for
   Pearson/Prentice Hall in 2007); Janson’s History of Art (6th Edition; for
   Pearson/Prentice Hall in 2005) and Western Civilizations Vol. 1, by
   Coffin/Stacey (for Norton in 2005).

Tour Guide, “Anatolia: Crossroads of Civilization”, for Archaeological Tours (May to
   June 2006)

Member, Steering Committee of the U.N.C.-Duke Graduate Colloquium, 1998 – 1999.

Co-secretary, Wesleyan University Class of 1988 (1998 – 2008).

Program Director (1994 - 1995) and Student Representative (1993 - 1994), AIA
   North Carolina Chapter.

Set Designer, U.N.C. Graduate Student Players’ Spring 1994 production of Plautus'

Rowing Coach, U.N.C. Varsity Women's Rowing Club (1991 - 1992) and the
   Carolina Masters Rowing Club (1998 - 1999).