Marc Baumgardner, PhD

Engines and Combustion Laboratory

Welcome to the Engines and Combustion Laboratory (ECL) here at Gonzaga!

The ECL is both a teaching and research laboratory and like the name suggests houses several different engines as well as fundamental combustion experiments. For those interested in more detail of the current projects, hop over to the "Research" page.

Below is the current list of equipment we have going that students will be able to get hands-on experience with during their time here at Gonzaga (after they've been properly trained, of course!).

Turbine Technologies Jet Turbine Engine capable of generating ~20 ft-lbs of thrust at 80,000 rpm!

General Electric DC Dynamometer capable of both motoring and accepting power from a variety of engines. Currently affixed is an 8hp Briggs&Stratton.

Other engines/cycles currently under repair or construction are:
- Optical table with two fundamental combustion experiments examining simple flames 
- Turbine Technologies Rankine Cycle (steam)
- MegaTech Optical Engine (with 1kW dynamometer)
- 2.4L John Deere Diesel Engine capable of operating in HCCI-mode
- Small displacement 2-stroke engines