Gonzaga Journal of Mathematical Sciences

The Gonzaga Journal of Mathematical Sciences was created to provide a medium through which Gonzaga undergraduates can showcase their research experiences with others within the Gonzaga community. All submissions are reviewed by at least two students and the managing editor. The criteria for publication are:
  • submissions must contain a significant mathematical component;
  • student authors must engage in a novel exploration (see below);
  • submissions must conform to general standards for academic writing.

The current issue features contributions from students enrolled in Nonlinear Ordinary Differential Equations, Math 452, during the Fall 2017 semester. The course provides an introduction to elementary techniques used in the analysis of nonlinear systems including: the geometry of phase space, linear stability analysis, bifurcation theory, energy and pseudo-energy methods such as Lyapunov functions, the Poicare-Bendixson theorem, Lienard systems, chaos theory, the structure of strange attractors, and more.

Contributors to the Fall 2017 issue include
  • Eli Dawson, Mechanical Engineering Major
  • Bailey Englin, Mathematics Major
  • Taha Hakkani, Mathematics and Computer Science Major
  • Joseph Kincanon, Economics Major (pursuing a minor in Mathematics)
  • Matthew Krick, Mathematics Major
  • Elijah Michaelson, Computer Science Major (pursuing a minor in Mathematics)
  • Lydia Pane, Mathematics Major (pursuing a minor in Chemistry)
Please see inside the current issue for student biographies.

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