Activism and Protest in American History (with Drs. Ann Ostendorf, Veta Schlimgen, and Ray Rast)

First Year Seminar, "The 1960s" (HIST 193)

Senior Seminar (HIST 401)

Historical Methods (HIST 301)

U.S. Since 1945 (HIST 263)

Post-World War II Presidency (HIST 361)

Coming to America: Immigration and Ethnicity in American History (HIST 351)

History of the United States I & II (HIST 201, 202)

The City in American History (HIST 350)

The History of Organized Crime (HIST 396)

Why People Hate (SOC 396, collaboration with Sociology, Psychology, Business, and The Institute for Action Against Hate)

The Cold War (HIST 340, with Dr. Kevin O'Connor)