2002 Ph.D. in Educational Leadership Gonzaga University, School Of Professional Studies.

My dissertation was a hermeneutic phenomenology research study. Dissertation topical query: What are the issues of authenticity surrounding the practice of importing American Indian spiritual traditions and ceremonial practices across cultural boundaries from an Indian to a non-Indian context? What are the factors that describe the meaning of non-Indian participation in American Indian religious practices from non-Indian and Indian points of view?

1984 M.P.A. Masters Degree In Public Administration City University of New York, Bernard Baruch College Of Business

In 1983 I was awarded a National Urban Fellow (NUF) scholarship to the City University of New York. NUF is a nationwide scholarship for ethnic minorities interested in attaining a MPA or MBA. From over 2,000 applicants from throughout the United States, I was one of 30 candidates awarded the NUF scholarship. Curriculum emphasis and thesis focus was on organizational diagnosis, leadership, personnel management, policy analysis, decision making models and program evaluation.

1977 B.A. Counseling Psychology Eastern Washington University, Cheney, Washington.

Course experience emphasized treatment methodologies, program service delivery systems, research techniques and individual guidance and counseling in both educational settings and residential treatment environments.


Two years of studies, University of Maryland, Munich Campus, European Division, Munich, West Germany, September 1971 to June 1973. Curriculum emphasis on the practical application of clinical theory in guidance and counseling, psychology of individual differences and ethnic minority issues.

1991 REACH (Respecting Ethnic And Cultural Heritage) Trainer Certification (K thru 12 curriculum) Seattle, Washington

1993 REACH For Excellence Trainer Certification (Private Sector/Corporate) Seattle, Washington

1999 National Educational Service, Associate Trainer, Reaching Today's Students, A Training Curriculum For Change Agents and Practitioners In Schools And Other Community Agencies Serving At-Risk Youth.

1999 U.S. Olympic Committee (USOC) Native American Sports Council, Senior Trainer, Gathering of Native Americans (GONA) Health And Wellness Reservation Programs.