National Indian Youth Conference: April 1982 (Spokane, Washington) Paper: Indian Psychology: Our Medicine In Counseling The Indian Youth, Bearers of Tomorrow's Vision.

National Indian Education Association Conference: November 1982 (New Orleans, La.) Publication Presentation: Community-Based Indian Adult Education For Urban Settings.  

Washington State Indian Education Association Conference: October 1982 (Spokane, Washington) Paper: Competency Education For Native America: Lessons on Student Motivation and Retention.

U.S. Department of Education Conference On Indian Education: January 1982 (Phoenix, Arizona) Paper:  Evaluation Models For Curriculum Development in Culturally Relevant Instructional Materials.

Washington State Ethnic Minority Health Consortium Training Conference: May 1986 (Seattle, Washington) Paper: Ethnic Competence and Practice In Counseling.

United Indians of All Tribes Foundation, Families-In-Conflict Conference: February 1986 (Seattle, Washington) Paper: Community-Based Implementation Strategies For The Indian Child Welfare Act Legislative Requirements.

City of Spokane, Department Heads Staff Development/In-Service On Ethnic Minority Awareness: April 1986 (Spokane, Washington). Conducted an intensive one-day training workshop with 75 City department heads and program managers on cross cultural communication issues.

Northwest Indian Youth Conference: April 1987 (Fort Hall, Idaho) Paper presentation and conducted a series of workshops entitled: Thoughts Have Power: Where The Mind Goes The Body Follows.  These workshops were an introduction to neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) and its influence on behavior.

Oregon State Indian Education Association Conference: April 1988 (Eugene, Oregon) Paper: Self-Esteem and Identity Among Ethnic Minority Youth: A Socio-Political Analysis.

Seattle Indian Community Inter-Agency Board Retreat, September 1987 (Seattle, Washington).  Conducted an intensive one day Board retreat for members of the Seattle Indian Health Board (SIHB) and the Seattle Indian Center Board of Directors. Primary focus was inter-agency communication and policy development.  Both agencies had undertaken a leadership role in initiating a six (6) million dollar capital project which would house both agencies, hence, creating a "one stop shop" for Seattle's urban Indian people.

Have sponsored, coordinated and functioned as a primary trainer at the Summer Institute Of Excellence In American Indian Education (a regional teacher training program) at Gonzaga University for four years (1988/1989/1990 1991).  Focus of the one week institutes was effective practices in Indian Education across the content areas concerning culturally related academic needs (CRAN) for Indian students.

Juneau City Borough Public Schools: October 1989 (Juneau, Alaska). Paper: Cultural Implications On Student Learning Styles presented in a one day district-wide teacher in-service/staff development training workshop.

Alaska State Bilingual Multi-Cultural Education Conference: February 1990 (Anchorage, Alaska). Paper: Where The Mind Goes The Body Follows: Building Self-Esteem In Culturally Different Students.

Montana State Institute For Effective Teaching of American Indian Children (every summer: June 1989 through June 1997):  Primary trainer for a state-wide teacher training program.  Conducted workshops on motivation and student discipline with at-risk youth and self-esteem development and classroom management styles.

National Indian Education Association Conference (October 11-17, 1990): Two (2) workshop presentations entitled "The Jane Fonda Of Native America: Exercises In Laughter, Humor and Play and Effective Practices In American Indian Education."

North Dakota Indian Education Association Conference (October 18-19, 1990): Keynote Speaker for the Conference Theme: "Indian Education: A Season Of Change  Leadership= Commitment + Communication + Planning".  Workshop trainer for a strand on Culturally Related Academic Needs (CRAN).

Washington State Indian Education Association Conference (October 21-24,1990): Keynote Banquet Speaker For the Conference Theme: "Taking Charge: Indian Education In the 1990s".  Workshop trainer for a strand on CRAN concepts.

St. Ignatuis Drug Free Schools Student Training Conference ( St. Ignatuis, Montana February 4, 1991):  Keynote Speaker and Student Assembly Trainer for the school district's "Drug Free Schools Program".

Alaska State Regional Conference On Self-Esteem (Anchorage, Alaska February 14-16, 1991):  Keynote Speaker at General Assembly "Bridging The Cultural Gap".  Primary Conference Trainer for the strands on "Influences of Culturally Related Academic Needs (CRAN) on Self-Esteem For American Indian/Alaskan Native Students".

Southeast Alaska Regional Conference On Self-Esteem (Sitka, Alaska February 17-19, 1991): Keynote Speaker At General Assembly "Driving Nails and Flying Kites: The Essence Of Change For Educational Excellence".  Primary Conference Trainer for the student strands on motivation and self-esteem and one teacher strand on culturally appropriate instructional methods.

Northwest Indian Youth Conference (Coeur d'Alene, Idaho March 31-April 3, 1991): Keynote Speaker At General Assembly "Pride In The Past and Hope For The Future: Indian Youth Leadership".  Primary Conference Trainer for student strands on Public Speaking, Debate and Self-Esteem.

Second Annual American Indian Institute: American Indians and Education in the 21st Century ( San Francisco, California  April 4-6, 1991):  Primary Trainer for administrator and teacher strands on culture-based curriculum and learning styles.

Wyoming State Indian Education Association Conference (Riverton, Wyoming April 25-26, 1991):  Keynote Address to general assembly on culturally related academic needs and workshop presenter on technical assistance and training issues for Indian Educators.

Alaska State Staff Development Network. 1991 Summer Teacher Academy. University of Alaska, Fairbanks.  Taught one week intensive three credit course on Native Student Learning Styles And Effective Instructional Practice.

Alaska State Council On The Arts. (Fairbanks, Alaska June 5, 1991): Invited speaker for the Arts In Education Program.  Topic:  Learning to Laugh, Learning To Play: Traditional Wisdom For Contemporary Living.

American Association of Physics Teachers (University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada June 24-29, 1991): Invited speaker and session trainer for the AAPT Annual Convention.  Strand Topic #1 : How To Incorporate Cultural Forms of Knowledge Into The Science Curriculum.  Strand Topic #2: Theory of Multiple Intelligences and Ethnic Student Learning Styles.

 Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Staff Development Training Session (Seattle, Washington November 20, 1991): One day workshop on cultural competency, effective communication, and healthy work environments for the Federal Regional X Office.

White House Conference On Indian Education (Washington, D.C. January 22-24, 1992): Appointed as a Work Group Facilitator.  Policy Issue Focus:  Sovereign Rights, Tribal Self-Determination, and Federal Indian Education Policy.  Work group was comprised of tribal council chairpersons, tribal college presidents, Indian educators, Indian researchers, and Indian community leaders from throughout the country appointed by President Bush.

National Self-Esteem Association Conference (Santa Clara, California February 20-22, 1992): Invited trainer to present a series of workshops on the role of culture in the self-esteem development of Indian students.

18th Annual Alaska State Bilingual and Multicultural Education Conference (Anchorage, Alaska February 5-7, 1992): Keynote Address to general assembly on the "Power of The Spoken Word: Traditional Medicine For Contemporary Times."  Two workshops on Multicultural Pedagogy and Theories of Multiple Intelligences.

Juneau Public Schools Teacher In-Service Conference (Juneau, Alaska February 26-28, 1992): Invited trainer to present a series of workshops on Native Cognition and Learning Preference; Infusion Of Cultural Forms of Knowledge In The Curriculum; and Multicultural Issues On Talented and Gifted Programs.

Tacoma Public Schools Senior Graduation (Tacoma, Washington May 27, 1992): Invited Keynote Speaker at the Indian Education Senior Graduation Dinner.  Topic:  Educational Excellence: Indian Power For The 21st Century.

Environmental Protection Agency Staff Development Program (EPA Region 10 Office) (Seattle, Washington February 24, 1993): Invited trainer to present a staff development session on cross cultural communication to agency administrators.

Inland Empire Administrator's Conference, Educational Service District #101. (Post Falls, Idaho August 11-13, 1993): Invited Keynote Speaker and Sectional Presenter.  Keynote Address Title:  "Rain For Parched Imaginations:  Creative Intelligence and Cultural Diversity.:  Sectional title:  "Where The Mind Goes, The Body Follows: Cultural Identity and Imagination In Self-Esteem Development For Native American Students." 

Fifth Annual Conference On Services To Children and Adolescents With Emotional Disturbance And Their Families. (Great Falls, Montana September 24, 1993): Invited workshop presenter.  Title Of Sectional:  "Developing Cultural Sensitivity For Youth With SED Through Collaboration."

Perreault, G., Swisher, K. & Reyes, R. (1993, February).  A Search For Authentic Songs: Case Studies of American Indian Teachers.  Paper presented at the meeting of the Association of Teacher Educators, Los Angeles, California.

Meyer, C., Reyes, R. & Perreault, G. (1992, November).  The Quest For A Cultural Pedagogy: Case Studies Of Indian Teachers.  Paper presented at the meeting of the National Indian Education Association, Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Swisher, K., Reyes, R. & Perreault, G. (1993, April).  Learning How To Teach:  Case Studies Of Indian Teachers.  Paper presented at the meeting of the American Education Research Association (AERA) Conference, Atlanta, Georgia

Reyes, R. & Perreault, G. (1993, April). Wholeness and Council: A Native American Perspective On Leadership. Proteus: A Journal Of Ideas Volume 10, Number 1, pages 43-47.

Anchorage Public Schools, Teacher Continuing Education Program, taught a three day college credit class (University of Alaska) for 38 teachers entitled: Effective Classroom Management Strategies For Indian Student Self-Esteem Development (April 22-25, 1993).

Pierce College (Tacoma, Washington), Keynote Address and Paper Presentation at Student Congress Speaker Series (May 12, 1993).  Topic:  Culture, Racism Reduction and Critical Thinking.

Alaska State Staff Development Network, Summer 1993 Teacher Academy June 7-11, 1993 (University of Alaska, Anchorage), Keynote Speaker For General Assembly (1,500 teachers and administrators) on the theme of Cultural Diversity and Student Success.  Taught a three day class for 40 teachers on Multiple Intelligences, Culture and Learning Styles.

Gonzaga University 1993 Fall Faculty Conference. (Spokane, Washington August 26, 1993):  Panel member for two sectionals.  Topic #1: Diversity In The Curriculum.  Topic #2: Diversity: Good Common Sense.

Gonzaga University Relations Staff Retreat. (Spokane, Washington December 15, 1993): Retreat facilitator for 35 staff members of the University Relations Department.  The title of this one day retreat was "Personal Challenges, Learn To Recognize Differences."  The focus was on cultural competency, team building and effective communication for strategic planning.

Washington Water Power Viewpoint Roundtable. (Spokane, Washington January 20, 1994):  Invited workshop presenter for Dr. Johnetta Cole's (Spelman College President) presentation on "The Formula For Success: Diversity + Economics= Good Sense."

Gonzaga University Charrette IV- The Pulse of The Self-Study. (Spokane, Washington February 15, 1994): Asked to serve as a Charrette session moderator and facilitate the group discussion on the focus topic of community involvement.

Oregon State Indian Education Association Conference. (Newport, Oregon April 15, 1994): Invited workshop presenter and conducted a training session entitled "So Who Is Talented and Gifted In Native America?"

Heritage College, School Of Education, Adjunct Faculty. Taught ED 511 Multicultural And Global Education for a cohort graduate class in Hilo, Hawaii (Spring 1994 Semester) and in Kauai, Hawaii (Spring 1995 Semester).

Family Resource Coalition Annual Conference. (Chicago, Illinois May 4, 1994).Invited group facilitator to assist with the Pre-Conference/Membership Meeting for 500 attendees.  Use of Laughter, Humor and Play group techniques were utilized to create Senge's notion of learning organizations and foster a sense of community in creative problem solving.

Juneau School District Staff Development (Juneau, Alaska May 6, 1994).  Conducted a one day intensive work session with faculty on Assessment Practices With Culturally Diverse Minority Gifted Kids.

National Indian Education Association. (Washington, D.C. June 1994).  Completed the publication on the NIEA Convention Forum Proceedings Report for the NIEA Board Of Directors.  This publication summarized 28 forum sessions on a wide assortment of topics in Indian Education.  Key issues were highlighted by summarizing the situation analysis for each topic, policy issues, recommendations for further research and suggestions for legislation development.

Montana Institute For Effective Teaching Of American Indian Children.  Eastern Montana College. (Billings, Montana June 14, 1994).  Keynote Speaker.  Delivered keynote address to institute participants on "Teaching With Humor."

Georgia City Schools Annual Conference. (Augusta, Georgia August 2-3, 1994). Keynote Address and General Assembly workshop on "Developing And Nurturing Learning Organizations."

Native American Sports Council.  United States Olympic Training Center. (Colorado Springs, Colorado August 6- 14, 1994).  Conducted classes on sports psychology and optimal performance at a training camp for 55 Native American male and female elite long distance runners.

Gonzaga University Student Orientation Academic Convocation. (Spokane, Washington August 28, 1994). Keynote Address to 600 new students on "The University Mission And The Role Of Academics In Student Life."

National Educational Service. "Breaking The Cycle Of Violence" (Chicago, ILL. October 30, 1994).  General Assembly presentation on "Community Building With Laughter, Humor, And Play.

Eleventh Annual Washington State Indian Education Conference. (Spokane, Washington November 2, 1994). Keynote Address entitled "Dream Weavers: Partners In Strength, Commitment And Renewal."

U. S. Department Of Education Improving American Education Conference. (Washington, D.C. December 1-3, 1994). Invited speaker.  Conducted two workshops on "Native Cognition, Linguistics And Learning Issues"."

Western Regional Center For Drug-Free Schools And Communities Regional Conference "Strength Through Resiliency" (Portland, Oregon January 30 - February 1, 1995). General Assembly Keynote Address on "The Cultural Dimensions Of Self-Esteem Development."

Fairbanks Public Schools Alaska Native Education, 1995 Interior Youth Leadership Conference. (Fairbanks, Alaska February 20-22, 1995).  Keynote Address And General Assembly presentation On "Leadership Development In Native America."

Northwest Association Of School Psychologist Spring Conference. (Warms Springs, Oregon April 11, 1995). Keynote Address entitled "Hope Is The Door."

Antioch University Conference On Collaboration To Achieve Common Goals. (Seattle, Washington May 12, 1995). Keynote Address On "Strategies For The Recruitment And Retention Of American Indian And Alaska Native Teachers For Washington's K-12 Schools."

Cherokee Nation Youth Leadership Training Camp. (Tahlequah, Ok. July 13-14, 1995). Conducted a two day training session on "Indian Youth Leadership Development" with 120 Native American students from the Cherokee Indian Reservation.

Salish Kootenai Tribal College Faculty Development Annual Fall Conference. (Pablo, Montana September 20, 1995). Keynote Address on "The Nature Of Organizational Change And Being Human."

National Association For Native American Children Of Alcoholics (NANACOA). (Seattle, Washington June 1995 to March 1996). Member of a national evaluation team commissioned to conduct a comprehensive evaluation of NANACOA utilizing content analysis of agency documentation, case study interviews, and focus groups with service stakeholders.  The principles of "fourth generation" evaluation methodology were used.  Co-authored a 350 page report with analytic commentary and policy recommendations.

Wentachee Valley College. (Lake Chelan, Washington October 26, 1995). Conducted a one day training seminar on "Servant Leadership Development And Habits Of The Heart."

U.S. Department Of Education Second Annual Improving America Act Conference. (Washington D.C. December 3-5, 1995). Invited Speaker.  Participated on two discussion panels concerning the influence of systemic change and school reform on educational equity and the linguistically, culturally different student.

Howard,V., McLaughlin, T., Williams, B. & Reyes, R. "Data-based and effective classroom procedures to assist Native American children with fetal alcohol syndrome and fetal alcohol effects." Corrective And Social Psychiatry. 41 (3), (1995): 42-51.

Reyes, R. (1996, January). Storytelling As The Life Force Of An Organization. Family Resource Coalition Report. Journal For The National Resource Center For Family-Centered Practice Volume 14, Number 4, pages 32-34.

ESD #101 Unbroken Circle Program For Native American At-Risk Youth. (Spokane, Washington March- May 1996). Provided project consultation and staff training on improving communication skills and addressing cultural competency issues.  Conducted case study interviews with 10 project staff to form the basis for the organizational development activities.

Mid-Atlantic Equity Consortium, Inc. Conference On Keeping Equity At The Center:  Achieving Success For All Students.  (University Of Maryland Shady Grove Center March 4, 1996). Conducted two workshops on learning styles and Multiple Intelligences.

Northwest Physical Education Teachers Association Annual Conference (Spokane, Washington March 7, 1996). Keynote Address on "Cultural Competency In The Instructional Practice."

Respecting Ethnic And Cultural Heritage (REACH) Center Organizational Development Training Session. (Marysville, Washington March 26, 1996). Conducted a series of workshops on cultural awareness with students, teachers and parents on the Tulalip Indian Reservation with the Tulalip Option School.

Sixth Annual Indian Nursing Education Conference: Nursing 2000 Future Directions. (University Of Wisconsin-Eau Claire April 20, 1996).  General Assembly Keynote Address "Cultural Competence In The Workplace And Schools."

National Council Of Teachers Of Mathematics Annual Conference. Mathematics: Building Bridges To Understanding. (San Diego, California April 27, 1996). Presented a workshop entitled: "Is Educational Technology Traditional Medicine In Contemporary Times For American Indian Students?"

University Of Hawaii at Manoa. May 4-12, 1996.  In collaboration with the State Department Of Education conducted a series of one day teacher training workshops on two islands with four school districts.  In addition, a one (graduate level) credit class was offered on "Culture In The Classroom" in Honolulu.

Spokane County Community Services Developmental Disabilities (DD) Program. (Spokane, Washington April 29 to June 3, 1996).  Conducted six focus groups to collect data in developing and publishing a "Summary Report Of Findings" which presents policy recommendations regarding the County's efforts on systems transformation.

Eighth Annual Conference On The Socialization Of The Culturally Diverse Child (SCDC). ( St. Louis, Missouri May 17-18, 1996). Invited Speaker. Conducted two workshops.  One on "Celebrating Our Diversity: The Power Of Reflection And Context" for the adults and one on "Youth Leadership And Diversity: Through The Face Of Another I Am" for the youth.

New England Superintendents Leadership Council Summer Institute sponsored by The Education Alliance at Brown University. (Newport, Rhode Island May 29, 1996). Keynote Address to 300 superintendents on school reform, diversity and educational equity.

Western Washington Institute For Effective Teaching Of American Indian Children (Tacoma, Washington June 17-28, 1996). Conducted instructional strands on cultural issues in curriculum development and classroom management.  In addition, acted as the professor of record in offering three graduate course credits through Gonzaga University.

Policy Studies Associates (Washington, D.C. April 1996 to August 2, 1996).  Conducted case study interviews with Title IX Indian Education Directors from throughout the United States as part of a comprehensive research project on the development of performance indicators for Indian Education programs.  Study was commissioned by the U.S. Department Of Education Planning And Evaluation Service.

National School Public Relations Association National Seminar (Phoenix, Arizona July 16, 1996).  Luncheon Keynote "The S.I.N. (Self Inflicted Nonsense) Of Diversity."

Vancouver Public Schools Administrative Workshop. (Vancouver, Washington August 8, 1996). Invited Speaker. Presentation on "How To Make Standards Available To A Diverse World."

U.S. Department Of Education, National Conference On Improving America's Schools, (San Francisco, California, October 21, 1996). General Assembly Keynote Address On Equity and School Reform.

Department of Interior, Bureau Of Indian Affairs (BIA), National Conference On Family And Child Education (FACE) (San Diego, California, February 28, 1997). Invited Keynote Speaker on "The Other 3 R's Of American Education: Relationship, Relevance, Respect."

Oklahoma State Department Of Education Multicultural Institute On Effective Practices, (Oklahoma State University, March 14, 1997).  Featured Keynote Speaker On "Curriculum Reform And Equity."

Center For The Improvement Of Student Learning And Educational Service District #101 Year Of The Reader: Lessons From Learners Teacher Conference (Spokane, Washington June 17, 1997) Featured Keynote Speaker On "Storytelling As An Assessment Tool."

Yakama Indian Nation, Teacher Institute On Effective Practices In American Indian Education (Toppenish, Washington, August 4-8, 1997).  Conducted a series of training sessions on curriculum development, assessment, and classroom management.

U.S. Forest Service, Organizational Development In Human Diversity (Sullivan Lake Ranger Station, November 6-7, 1997).  Conducted a series of diversity training sessions for senior administrative staff.

Associated General Contractors (AGC) Annual Conference (January 23-24, 1998 Salishan Lodge Gleneden Beach, Oregon). Invited Keynote Address: "Healing The S.I.N. (Self Inflicted Nonsense) of Diversity: Building Bridges Beyond Adversity To Meaningful Diversity."

Oregon Association Of Compensatory Educators Annual Conference (January 28-30, 1998) Seaside, Oregon) Invited Keynote Address: "Student Achievement: Getting Results" and a sectional workshop trainer on "Human Diversity And Multicultural Education."

City Of Spokane, Diversity In The Workplace (Spokane, Washington January 8 & 15, 1998) Designed, developed, and implemented a pilot training program on diversity for the city's senior administrative leadership. City would like all 2,000 of its employees to eventually take the diversity training if the pilot test is successful.  This is a collaborative project with the Community Colleges Of Spokane District #17, Training And Education Coordinating Center (TECC).

Gonzaga University 1999 Tucker Lecturer.  Was selected to publish and deliver the Jerry Tucker Memorial Lecture on Mission entitled "Hope: Spirit of the Hive for the Soul's Journey Through Organizational Life"-November 11, 1999.

Carter, C., Bishop, J. & Kravits, S.L. (1999). Keys to Success: How to Achieve Your Goals. Upper Saddle, New Jersey: Prentice-Hall, Inc. Reyes wrote a segment of Chapter Four: Critical and Creative Thinking: Tapping the Power of Your Mind.

Ferch, S.R., St. John, I. & Reyes, R. (1999). Third Annual China World Conference. Phoenix, Arizona. Paper Presentation entitled: Interactive Learning: A Form of Creativity in Education.

Book Editorial Review by Reyes: Stowell, J. & Dietzel, M. (1999). ACT For Kids. Lutheran Social Services Publishing. Spokane Sexual Assault Center: Spokane, Washington.

Journal Editorial Review by Reyes for the Canadian Journal of Native Education, Volume 23 (1999), No. 2. The following refereed articles:

The Spiritual Imperative of Native Epistemology: Restoring Harmony and Balance to Education by Peter Hanohano.

From Enemy to Mascot: The Deculturation of Indian Mascots in Sports Culture by Cornel Pewewardy.